To get a DVC in gmax you need to make 2 models in the same gmax file(scene).


1) Your normal outside model of the plane

2) A model of your virtual cockpit


This tutorial is about Virtual cockpits so i won`t go into number 1, for this tutorial my outside model is just a box.


Lets make the DVC


First of all make the shell of you DVC, i will leave you to this.

Put controls in there using the lever_ tags also remeber you can use any of the other tags to make moving control surfaces ect visable from the cockpit. Just remeber to add a different suffix to them so they are not the same as those in your outside model.

for example

Left Aileron i out side model = l_aileron_baabaa

and in the DVC = l_aileron_moomoo


Then you need to put your gauges in

Then group the models and export