In Flight Sim, move your aircraft to the runway.

Set time to dusk

Set weather to 1/8 mile visibility.

Turn on your landing and/or taxi lights.

You should see something like this picture:

Notice in this picture, I have 2 landing lights on the left wing and the taxi light on the nose gear door.

You may wish to turn off one set and adjust one set at a time.

You can move the lights up/down/left/right using the keyboard. This will give you a sense of how the lights work together at the set angles.

Keyboard movements are as follows with Num Lock Off on the keypad:

Cntrl+shift+5 = Center or reset the lights to the setup

Cntrl+shift_8 = Rotate lights upward

Cntrl+shift_2 = Rotate lights downward

Cntrl+shift_4 = Rotate lights left

Cntrl+shift_6 = Rotate lights right

Then pan around the aircraft so you can see from various angles how the lights hit the runway.

This should give you a good sense of which light pivot needs adjusting in what directon. Record these then go back to gmax to change the pivots of the parent Local pivot the light_land and light_taxi materials are linked to.

Hope this helps a bit.

Milton Shupe

Dash 7 Project