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Company: Cheesy Air    Flight Id: CA368    Flight Date: 2006-12-23    Pilot: Henry Stancil
Aircraft Name:NALC C-2A VRC-25
Aircraft Type:MET
Departure:LCRA - Akrotiri - Cyprus
Arrival:AC13 - CVN-73 - Eastern Med
Departure Time:12:03:00 (10:04:00 GMT)
Arrival Time:12:41:00 (10:41:00 GMT)
Cargo:11677 lbs
Flight Result:Perfect
Take-Off Weight:54352 lbs
Landing Weight:53854 lbs
Take-Off Fuel:4275 lbs
Landing Fuel:3766 lbs
Fuel Burn:509 kg
Total Distance:232 km
Total Time:00:36:09
Total Time Night:00:00:00
Total Airborn Time:00:32:04
Total Time On Ground:00:05:40
Max Altitude:11003ft
Cruise Speed:301 kt
Landing Speed:127 kt
Landing Pitch:0.76
Touch Down:-266.15 ft/mn
Captain Sent Mayday:0
Crash Flag:0
Passengers Opinion:100%
Passengers Opinion Text:--Are pleased to have landed right on schedule.
-Were in a better mood because they had food.
-Were pleased by the music on ground. A very nice addition to their flying experience.
Failure Text:-
Casualties Text:-
Pilot Bonus:280
Pilot Bonus Text:-Perfect Flight, no problems and very satisfied passengers. (+150)
You landed at the scheduled airport. (+30)
Precise arrival time at destination.(00h02:51 difference) (+100)
Pilot Penality:0
Pilot Penality Text:-
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